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November 2009

Top Chef Mike Robinson shows us how to make the best tasting roast potatoes in this new short video


October 2009

Savour Every Bite with a Touch of Goose Fat

"For me it's the side dishes that can really make a Christmas dinner stand out. Getting roast potatoes right is a must," says top chef Mike Robinson, who has long been a fan of goose fat and swears by it every Christmas, "I roast my potatoes in goose fat with rosemary and garlic."

Goose fat, with its silky texture and savoury flavour is ideal for transforming potatoes to create the ultimate Christmas roast. Robinson, who runs the award-winning Pot Kiln and Harwood Arms, adds, "goose fat has a high burn point which means that potatoes are given the real blast needed to make them perfectly crispy."




May 2009

The Nigella Effect on Goose Fat Sales by Paul Revoir

'My children won't eat my food' confesses TV chef Nigella Lawson. Her sumptuous recipe for Christmas roast potatoes saw goose fat fly off the supermarket shelves. But it would appear Nigella's fayre has failed to drum up the same excitement in the Lawson household.

The Domestic Goddess has admitted her own children are not fans of her cooking…. The woman known as the 'domestic goddess' had spoken about the pressure many women are under to produce the perfect Christmas.

She said those who do not like cooking would be better off getting on with the parts of Christmas they do enjoy. The 'Nigella effect' has previously been credited with increasing the popularity of prunes, pomegranates and goose fat to roast potatoes.

Link to Daily Mail article by Paul Revoir

January 2009

Goose Fat - Not just for Christmas, or Roast Potatoes!

Everyone knows goose fat is the key to heavenly roast tatties, but this not-so-secret chef’s favourite can do so much more! Used in place of butter and oil a festive jar of goose fat can transform all manner of dishes into sumptuous feasts all year round!

So don’t bin that half full jar of goose fat after Christmas dinner! Firstly, there are potentially 52 other roast dinners a year for the fat to work its magic. Plus with its savoury flavour and silky texture, goose fat is also brilliant for adding a touch of winter luxury to vegetable side dishes, risottos, stews, omelettes and stuffings and for roasting vegetables, poultry and game.

December 2008

Henry Harris’ top tips for Christmas
Top chef Henry Harris of Racine restaurant has come up with his top tops for Christmas cooking.


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