Where To Buy?

Where To Buy?

Where to Find Goose Fat

In the Home

  • If you are cooking a whole goose at home, a fair amount of fat will drain off. Pour the fat through a fine sieve into a sterilized jar. The goose fat will keep for 2-3 months in the fridge.

Supermarkets, Delis and Independent Outlets

  • Jars of goose fat are widely available at supermarkets, delis and good independents nationwide and will be found either in the chiller cabinet with the butter and spreads or as an ambient product in the grocery section. It is also stocked in most butchers and farm shops. Or as an ambient product in the grocery section or with the vegetables.

Can't find Goose Fat?

  • If your local store, butcher or deli doesn’t stock Goose Fat, please email its name and address to john.goodwin@highgrovefoods.com We will contact them with some free information on the benefits of stocking Goose Fat.

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